"What's Next?"

One of my favorite shows The West Wing used this as a call to action, a way to move on to the next adventure. And I loved it to the very bottom of my little activist toes. I am a do-er, a dreamer too, but nothing pleases me more than an execute-able plan and a long line of successfully delivered deliverables. That's why the nonprofit world has always been special to me. It's a beautiful thing to make a career out of helping people...but it's also day after day of hard work.

15 years after I started in this crazy, awesome, grueling industry, I decided it was time to be a resource to the organizations I have spent my professional career serving. So Building the Table was born.

I wanted to create a space for people to come together to hear stories, plans, trials and successes from other people grinding out the beautiful, difficult work of building charitable and served communities.

Stay tuned for amazing interviews with all types of people, endless links to incredible resources, hilarious and engaging videos...and MORE!

This is what's next...