5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Happy New Year DoGooders!

I hope your holidays were and are merry and bright and your new year's resolutions center around how you can transform your community into the amazing place you know it can be!

Here are 6 resources for you to get that marvelous transformation started in 2017!

If you're a nonprofit professional...

If you support nonprofit organizations financially through donations or board service...

If you want to do more for the nonprofits you love in your community...

  • Check out VolunteerMatch to see if your skills are needed at an office near you!

Whether it's deciding to make a small recurring gift to a local organization or volunteering your time to serve on a board or making the choice to take care of yourself...small decisions can lead to huge transformations! And those of us who love and serve the nonprofit sector know this better than anybody!

SO go out there and build great things, do great work, and create the community you want to see!

Let's get Civic-al!

A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of MyCivicWorkout the other day. So many people have been asking me, and many others I know in the nonprofit world, "what can we do?" in response to this particularly vicious political climate. People are beginning to realize that just posting a status on Facebook or dropping a load of garage sale leftovers at Goodwill isn't enough any more, and they want to get involved! While I usually start by encouraging people to make a recurrent, unrestricted donation to a charity they are passionate about, everyone can do more to create the world they want to see. MyCivicWorkout helps people reach out and make an impact in their communities. It's a fantastic way to flex those activist muscles...even if you're just starting out. Subscribe to get 5-, 10-, and 30-minute activism "workouts" to build your do-goodery muscles and make a difference. So get out of the armchair activist role and get to work!

(Guys, that was a LOT of workout metaphors for one blog post. I'm so sorry)

Taking action gets colorful at a roundtable discussion on women and entrepreneurship with  EmpoweredPHXX

Taking action gets colorful at a roundtable discussion on women and entrepreneurship with EmpoweredPHXX